The eye is often drawn to tiny objects that twinkle and sparkle, or that simply have a wealth of intricate detail for the eye to explore and delight in. If seen individually, there is hardly anything to appreciate but, when arranged in a group, the objects meld together to make a cohesive whole.

In a way, the most effective thing you could do to show off a group of small objects is displayed them behind a giant magnifying lens. For the average interior, however, this is probably a little over the topmost people want their homes to look inviting, not as a private museum -- but the basic principle can be adapted quite easily to create a stylish, contemporary look in modern interior design. For example, small waterproof items such as beads, buttons, pebbles, or seashells could be placed inside a glass vase filled with water, which will act as a magnifying glass.

A more practical way to display a group of small objects is to place them in an appropriate context that will help draw the eye towards the tiny focal points - small shells in an expanse of sand, for example. You can also create a structural frame for the collection that will focus attention on the objects within. The frame and the collection do not have to be related; in fact, the more unusual the relationship between the two, the more successful the design statement will often be. Another option is to use small collections as decorative elements with which to embellish an entirely unrelated object, so that both decor items are displayed to best effect.

Use of CUTLERY TRAY FRAME for Home Decoration

Little handblown glass animals disporting themselves in a variety of witty tableaux are fragile and insubstantial visually. Both of these display constraints have been answered by arranging them in an upended cutlery tray that acts as an unusual but effective frame.

Use of DOLL'S HOUSE FURNITURE in Modern Interior Design

Beautifully detailed miniature furniture can be wasted if hidden inside a doll's house. Here, it has been arranged in the open, inside the indented block of a bookshelf, which provides the perfect frame. To increase visibility so that the details of the collection can be fully appreciated, the display has been staggered by placing some of the items on top of blocks of acrylic at different heights.

Use of PYRAMID OF DOLLS in minimalist Interior Design

When a collection is of a uniform height, it is a good idea to break the outline and create a pyramid composition. These porcelain doll's bodies - all whimsical prettiness - are ideally suited to the plinths on which they stand, which are in fact wedding cake tier supports.

Use of DISH OF MARBLES for Living room interior Design

Simple solutions should never be overlooked. A large white meat dish on a tabletop makes a neutral backdrop for a collection of old and new marbles. The exotic colors and minute bubbles in the cast glass of the marbles create dramatic reflections, colored shadows, and flickering, bouncing highlights on the plate.

Use of BUTTON LAMPSHADE in House Interior design

A collection of pretty buttons might seem almost impossible to display but here they have been glued onto a lampshade in a random, all-over pattern. Buttons made of horn, mother-of-pearl, or Bakelite are translucent enough to allow light to pass through them.

Use of SHELLS IN SAND in Modern Interior Design

These tiny shells were collected from rock pools during seaside holidays. However, pretty though they may be, they would go unnoticed if simply placed on a shelf. Instead, they have been inserted into a complementary set of sand to produce a miniature Japanese-style display. A chopstick was used to create waves in the sand to enhance the seaside context; the curls of the wooden sticks rising behind the plate reflect this undulating rhythm.

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