Construction Team For Execution of the Project

The construction team consists of various members who have to co-ordinate, with the common object of completing the work/project according to the specifications, drawings, and designs,

The members are.

1. The owner

2. Engineer, Designer or Architect and

3. Contractor or builder.

1. The owner - The owner may be an individual, group, the private or public body which initiates the proposal and provides finance and facilities for its execution. In case the owner is not any public body, the facilities/project after completion will be used by the owner himself. On the other hand if a state or central Government initiates a proposal say for the construction of an educational institution, the owner would be the state or central Government but the users of the institution would be the staff and students. Hence owner and user of the facility being constructed may be the same agency or individual or different as illustrated above. The owner always wants that he should get the maximum construction done with the minimum of expenditure and further the construction should be safe and satisfy all the requirements as envisaged during initiation of the proposal.

2. The Engineer Designer or Architect. The engineer is responsible for the economical and safe design and construction of the work under his supervision. His field of activities includes estimation, approval of construction plans by the local authority, tendering supply of material as per contract, control, and inspection of the quality and progress of the work done by the contractor. Measurement of the work and subsequent payments are also done by him. Sometimes in big constructions, the Architect is also involved. Architect primarily prepares the drawings with external appearance and functional aspect of the structure in view whereas Engineer finalizes the details and may even execute the work. In case the work is got done departmentally, the engineer may also have to arrange for construction facilities like labor, material, and equipment and gets the work done through hired labor. For building work private parties, the work may be undertaken or supervised by the architect and he may seek the advice of the Engineer in structural design, estimation, etc.

Small works can be handled by a single Engineer but large works require a team of Engineers each specializing in a particular field such as designing, planning site work, etc. The services of private consulting Engineers are also available to private owners and contractors for expert advice. Government departments have their own engineering departments for the construction of public works,

The cost of work in significantly affected by its design requirements and specifications. The engineer, therefore, has a very important responsibility in ensuring that design requirements and specifications are such that they do not unnecessarily increase the cost of the project. He should examine a number of designs and select the most economical one. Sometimes, the contractors may be asked to submit designs along with the tenders and the most economical design may be selected.

3. The contractor - The contractor may be an individual, a firm, or agency who undertakes to execute the construction work according to agreed rates of payment and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract agreement. The time schedule for the completion of the work is also mentioned in terms and conditions of the contract agreement. Small contractors

rely on their own experience and judgment or on the advice of experienced skilled manpower in tendering and execution of work. But this, sometimes, proves harmful. This a contractor must seek the advice of a qualified Engineer.

Big private firms employ Engineers as executives and managers. The Engineers who are concerned with the actual execution of the work at the site are known as site engineers.

For smooth and efficient progress of any work, all the constituents of the construction team (owner, Engineer, and contractor) must work in perfect harmony and close co-operation. There is always some uncertainty in construction works. It may be due to unexpected site conditions, difficulties in the availability of materials which may be controlled ones, difficulties in the availability of labor, and even weather conditions that affect the progress of work Financial constraints may also delay the progress of the work. Constant liaison and interrelation among the three parties under such uncertainties would definitely help in finding solutions to their problems.

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